小林 かおる メシバ


小林 かおる メシバKaoruMessiva Kobayashi


  • 2018年~2022年 フランス・大手金融グループ パリ本社
  • 2022年~ みずほ証券株式会社 リスク統括部
  • クレジットリスク分析・管理


I wanted to broaden my horizons with both “work and life”, so I left my hometown, Paris, and chose to work in Tokyo. I was strongly attracted to Mizuho's stance of emphasizing diversity and I decided to join the company because I felt that Mizuho's corporate culture will accept me as I am.

So, you are from France?


Yes. My mother is Japanese, my father is Algerian and I was born and raised in Paris, France. After I graduated in 2018, my first job was in a French bank back in Paris. My assignment was to analyze credit risk of counterparty from the perspective of stress testing. Stress test is one of the risk management methodology used to simulate the possible loss of portfolio and how the loss can be prevented in order to prepare for market contingencies. My major tasks were to produce, analyze and certify several risks metrics using stress-tests to capture and monitor the bank potential loss in case of adverse markets conditions.
When I was looking for a job, my goal was to find the company where I could perform all the skills I have previously learned, as well as providing me good opportunities to learn, challenge and achieve the objectives for my further growth. I also wanted to work in a company based in Japan where I would like to experience since it's my mother's home country.

What was your first impression of Mizuho?


Working at Mizuho is an opportunity to contribute to an exciting, forward-looking and fast-moving company. This is especially something I felt during my interviews. My colleagues made me want to work with them and learn from them. A large portion of our days are spent at work, so I wanted to be able to enjoy work as much as possible. Also, the fact that Mizuho Securities (MHSC) promotes diversity and inclusion is important to me as a multiracial woman. I read about Mizuho's D&I in the website at first and I was able to feel during the interview that it's actually spread through the company.

What are your current roles?


I am in charge of credit review, internal rating and risk limit setting of counterparties such as non-Japanese financial institutions and hedge funds booked at MHSC and/or Mizuho's offshore affiliates. We appropriately review the creditworthiness of these counterparties in collaboration with colleagues (mainly under risk function) of overseas affiliates such as MHI(Mizuho International) and MUSO(Mizuho Americas). Also we proactively monitor the global business of our offshore affiliates from risk management perspective through the regular reports submitted by offshore colleagues to our Tokyo head office.
After completing my first credit review, I felt something that I could not describe in word. It was a mix of euphoria, satisfaction and optimism. Although I am still at a stage of learning, I realize day by day that I am learning more and more new skills from my colleagues through effective team work which also help me to build up trust from team members. Although there are still a lot of challenging new tasks for me to learn, I am enjoying my job based on continues support from my colleagues.

How do you feel about Mizuho's corporate culture?


I thought there would be some culture shock at Mizuho since I tend to consider myself as a “foreigner”. But since I joined, I have not felt any culture shock at all. I can just be myself without feeling any alienation or inequality . I feel in my team that it does not matter if people are female or male, it does not matter if people are Japanese or non-Japanese, it does not matter how old people are. What matters is the performance of your work.
I used to work at a French bank for four years based in Paris. Frankly speaking it has turned out not being a work-place where I could be truly myself. I feel Japan (MHSC) is more advanced in terms of the awareness and penetration of D&I. My current team is leading by a lady originated from China and consists of multiple members originated from Singapore, Indonesia, Japan in addition to me. Literally, it is indeed a diversified team. I feel it is a very comfortable work place for me to thrive under such environment.

What do you want to do in the future?

入社したばかりで、当面の具体的な目標は思い浮かびませんが、金融の世界は常に進化しているため、様々な視点から多くのことを学び、吸収していきたいと考えています。中長期的な目標としては、キャリアアップに役立つ資格を取得することです。それがFRM(Financial Risk Manager)と呼ばれる、世界的に認定されている金融リスク管理に関する資格。この資格取得によって、リスク管理の専門家へと成長していきたいです。
また、私が今いる業界(特に日本では)比較的に女性のロールモデルが少ないため、専門的なスキルをさらに磨き“私らしく”頑張りたいと思っています。まずは今の業務をしっかりと習得して、自分自身で遂行できるようになりたいです。そして、「One MIZUHO」に貢献できるような人材に成長したいと考えています。みずほ証券だからこそ、この先のキャリア形成、自身の成長ポテンシャルに生き生きしながら期待できると思っています。将来は、チームをマネジメントするような仕事にも就いてみたいと思っています。メンバーがモチベーション高く、活き活きと仕事に臨むことができる環境をつくる、そんなマネージャーになることが、将来の目標です。

Since I just joined the company, I tend not to set my goals as one specific item for now, but would like to learn a lot from several point of view since the financial industry keeps evolving. Mid/long term challenge for me would be to acquire a globally recognized certification in finance to help advance my career as the expert in the risk management field. While I see relatively less female role model in the industry I am involved (especially in Japan), I would like to continue strengthening my professional profile keeping learning and literally being myself.
For the time being, I want to effectively learn and contribute to my current role being able to carry out the current role more independently by myself. As the next step, I would like to further develop myself and grow as the person who can contribute effectively aligned with the firm's value of “One MIZUHO”. I believe Mizuho is the right firm for me to build my career with a lot growth potential to excitedly expect during the long journey. My future goal is to be a manager leading a team and cultivate a team environment where all members can be continuously well motivated with high engagement while enjoying the work.